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Solar panel Characteristics

STC - Standard Test Conditions

Refers to a solar panel’s electrical performance when tested at industry recognized parameters of 1000 W/m2 irradiance, air mass = 1.5, and cell temperature of 25°C. Selecting the STC radio button applies a correction factors to the user’s input solar panel performance. This adjusts the performance inputs to a level that is more representative of an actual field installation. These corrected performance values are used by Franklin’s Solar Selection software during array sizing. Note: STC values are the most commonly found on the manufacturer’s data sheet and the product nameplates.

NOCT - Normal Operating Cell Temperature

Refers to a solar panel’s electrical performance when tested at the solar panel manufacturer’s defined Normal Operating Cell Temperature. Normal Operating Cell Temperature (NOCT) is commonly defined to be between 46-48°C. NOCT conditions are most commonly defined as 800 W/m2 irradiance, air mass = 1.5, wind speed = 1m/s, and ambient temperature 20°C. When the NOCT radio button is selected Franklin’s Solar Selection software applies no correction factor to the user input solar panel performance during array sizing.

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